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Geri Costanza Massage Works

Geri Costanza MassageWorks, Inc. is a premier provider of professional massage serving the Marblehead, North Shore, and greater Boston areas. Since I founded my massage practice over 25 years ago, its exclusive mission has been the provision of professional massage.
- Relaxation/Physical Well-Being Massage
- Sports and Athletic Training Massage
- A wide range of Deep Muscle Massages
- Injury-related, Rehabilitative, Pre- and Post-Operative, and Pre-natal Massage
- Geri Costanza Massage: an original, therapeutic massage technique I have developed over time that realigns your muscles to A) strengthen and preserve the integrity of the skeletal structure they support and direct, and B) reestablish and enhance fluid movement.

The growth of my practice (over 15,000 satisfied clients) has shaped and paralleled the tremendous growth and evolution of the massage industry and its increasing contribution to the broader network of health care professions. The unwavering dedication and commitment of Geri Costanza MassageWorks, Inc. to the well-being of each of its clients, and to the massage profession overall, have made it the industry standard for professional massage provision. I look forward to seeing you all at Geri Costanza MassageWorks, Inc.

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