About Geri

Geri Costanza best massage marblehead maGeri Costanza is the owner and founder of Geri Costanza MassageWorks, Inc.. She has a Master of Science degree in education, extensive professional massage training, and has chaired a Board of Health regulatory committee on Standards of Massage. With the experience of over 33 years and tens of thousands of massages, she has pioneered the professionalization of the massage industry.

“My goal is to manulipulat the muscles, so they are performing their intended purpose & supporting the chain of movement. Your muscles hold our joints in place and aligning these muscles synchronizes their movement. Muscles will become more fluid as well as having more stability, flexibility and endurance.”

“I have been a client of Geri Costanza for 9 years. She does the best bodywork of anybody I have ever experienced. Her humble demeanor and innate curiosity to learn your body – combined with her utmost professionalism and gentle kindness – separate her from the rest. As an outdoor enthusiast, I have a very physically active lifestyle. I have a committed yoga practice, while also teaching it on a part-time basis. Each visit is unique, depending on which muscles are being worked. Geri approaches each session as a clean slate as she actively works her magic. She knows the body thoroughly and understands fully the connection between muscle and tissue. She can prevent and heal most injuries using her therapeutic response technique. She is one of a kind, and I highly recommend you give her a try.”

Cara Wall
Marblehead, MA

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