Testimonials & Awards

Massage businesses under Geri Costanza have been voted the #1 Best Massage of the entire North Shore region every year Community Newsdealers, Inc., has conducted its poll of its North Shore readership.

“I have been to many massage therapist and find Geri awesome! She is able to do magic in fixing sore and painful areas. I find her knowledgeable as well as friendly. I highly recommend her!” – Jo H.

“I had my first massage with Geri last weekend, and still can feel the positive,  residual effects — no tightness in neck and shoulders which has been constant.  I’ve had a couple of prior massages, but nothing compared to this one for detail and repetition until she could feel many of the knots release.   I have another appointment next week, and will continue to get massages from Geri.” –Amy A.

“…in all the years that I have been receiving massages, yours was by far the absolute best.”

“After 3 half-hour massages with Geri, my doctor said my wrist had improved by 60% and he cancelled my surgery.” – S.L., Registered Nurse

“After 25 years of shoulder pain, Geri’s therapeutic massage expertly pinpointed the source and I am now pain-free.” – S.D., Business Owner

“Geri’s is the most sophisticated massage I’ve ever had.” – O.S., Miami, FL

“You made me feel like a million dollars (and I would have saved that much if I’d come to you first!)” – T.F.

“Geri’s Massage is well worth traveling for!” – S.O., Santa Monica, CA

“I have received massages from other therapists, as well as professional physical therapy for disc slippage in my lower back, but nothing has approached the level of therapeutic response and general health benefit gained from Geri Costanza’s massage: the rest simply pale incomparison.” – Business Owner, MA

“…the results could be categorized as ‘miraculous’ …I am astounded.” – G.H., MA

“She understands the connection between each muscle and tissue like no other massage therapist” – F.M.

“Nobody has hands like Geri Costanza” – E.C.