My treatments are a unique blend of Swedish, Sports, Deep Tissue, Esalin, Neuromuscular re-education, Sotai, Pressure point, myofascial, drawing, sculpture, science, experimenting on myself & my trusting/brave clients/friends, researching questions, & other eastern & western health & wellness practices. I teach my clients how to listen to their muscles and treat them with stretching, heat, cold and hydrotherapy as well as educating them on how to reduce muscle tension.

Pressure varies appropriately according to symptoms, clients’ purpose & comfort. I have developed a progressive approach to treating stiffness and soreness therapeutically while relieving the symptoms of stress.

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Manipulate muscles in upper and lower back to release the tension of counter balancing of weight, movement and gravity. Aligning the muscles, so they are performing their intended purpose while supporting the chain of movement.


Manipulate, stretch, use range of motion to improve the circulation of the oxygen/blood flow (nutrition) to the head — alleviating pressure causing jaw pain, sinus congestion, headaches, migraines, ear discomfort, improving skin & facial muscle tone


Unravel & align muscles from shoulders/neck to fingertips – alleviating tension on joints for a fluid & aligned movement of strength & stability, improving accuracy & endurance in athletes, dancers, musicians & the daily activities of life –


Appropriate pressure & muscle manipulation applied to release tension of quads, hamstrings, calves creating joint & muscular conditioning for ease of aligned movement & balance of pelvis & upper body, also addressing/effecting back discomfort, pain & stiffness